I’m Pam, a photographer and artist based in Brighton. My friends know me as Pinky.

I’ve been playing with photography all my life. Behind a camera is where I feel most at home. As a teenager, I’d borrow my Mum’s Pentax and take pictures of anything and everything, waiting excitedly for the pictures to come back from the developer.

In 1999, I began to get serious about photography, and bought my first SLR. I loved being able to experiment with different shutter speeds, and the freedom that brought me. In my darkroom, I was captivated, seeing my images come alive in the developer.

My photography became my life. I began taking pictures at local music events, sharing them, recording moments that mattered and building up a reputation and a fan base. In 2005, I bought my first digital SLR. I began taking my camera to nightclubs across the South, London and beyond. I built up a following in the music community, and began being booked to take portfolio shots for DJs. My work was used on flyers and posters across the UK.

I began to move beyond the music scene, photographing weddings and taking family and animal portraits. I see this as a huge honour: I’m there to capture the most special moments in people’s lives. There is no second chance to record the moment when two people get married, and I feel privileged to have the skills to do it.

I also create art from photographs, using digital and creative skills to make an interesting but ordinary image into an amazing work of art. The image in the back ground of this page is one of my favourites: telegraph pole turned into Lamp Post Spaceships.

I make my living from photography, but photography is much more to me than a way to make a living. Wherever I go, I take my camera: children, friends and pets are all regularly in front of my lens. Taking to the open road in my camper I photograph festivals, people, wildlife or the landscape: anywhere I choose to go can become my art.

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