Live Music, Festivals & Events Photography

Posted on June 19, 2014

The roar of the crowd, the thrill of the sound, the dark night-time gigs and the sunny festival days… I’ve done and seen it all.

I’ve been taking photographs at gigs, club nights and festivals for as long as I’ve had a camera. What began as part of my social life has become a career. I’ve photographed the big names to the unknown; from psytrance to folk; from big room clubs to tiny festival tents.

I’ve photographed Billy Idol, Bjork, Gary Numan, Jarvis Cocker and many other big names. I’ve worked with many in the festival and dance music world, including Freeformation, Slammin Vinyl, Raindance, Waveform and Kozfest. But I’ve also photographed many unknowns and local bands and enjoyed doing that just as much.

Every party tells a story. I help tell it. If you’re a festival organiser, promoter, band or DJ, I can work with you to record what you do.

I work as a music and live events photographer across Brighton, Sussex, London and beyond.

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Out Of The Ordinary Festival 2011“Pam’s photographic skills are exceptional and she is totally committed to her profession with a passion. I like her easy going, enthusiastic and buoyant attitude. She has an eye for capturing the moment beautifully. Vividness, energy, life and excitement are all present in the final image. I have never been presented with a disappointing image from her. Pam is a delight to work with and have on the crew. Nothing distracts her and the job never comes second. Endearing and pleasant to be around. Her photos are Exciting, Dynamic, Lush & Alive. I always recommend Pam where ever possible to all I can and will continue to do so.” David – Akahum (band) – musician