If you have a question about me or my work, I hope you’ll find the answer here.
If not, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

What area do you work in?

I live in Brighton, and I love working locally. But I’m also happy to work wherever you’d like me to.
If I need to travel, then I will need to include my travel costs as part of my quote.

But I travel in my campervan I’ll be bringing my own accommodation: you won’t need to pay for a hotel for me.

Can I meet you before I commit to booking you?

Yes. I’m always happy to meet. I can answer any questions you have, take you through my portfolio, and get to know better what you’d like from me.

But we don’t need to meet in person: we can meet on Skype, or chat on the phone or by email.

What will you charge me?

With the exception of packages indicated (eg. Weddings and Animal/pet), my quotes are personalised for every client. Contact me and I’ll prepare a quote for you.

How much I charge depends on how much time it will take me to get the job done, both at the event and afterwards. If you’ll need me to work a very long day, or work late into the night, then I might need to charge you a little extra.

I am always willing to be flexible. I know that not everyone has a big budget and there are usually ways of making things work for both you and me. If you think you can’t afford professional photography, think again: Get in touch!

Can I pay you in anything other than money? Such as tickets and publicity?

I’ll always need to be paid for my work, but non-monetary perks can often go some way to reducing my bill.

If you’re a festival or event organiser, I might be able to sell some tickets on your behalf. Being given crew meals can help too. And if you’re able to give me some significant publicity, then I can often reduce my charges.

But whatever your event, if you’re struggling to find a budget for your photography, and you have an idea which could help us both reduce the costs, get in touch for a chat.

What will I get from you?

You’ll get photographs taken (of course!) I’ll ask you if there is anything in particular that you’d like me to photograph. But I’ll be constantly using my creativity and experienced eye to seek out the photographs that will mean the most.

You’ll get your photos processed to make sure they’re top quality.

You’ll get your photos on a memory stick for you to share and print as you choose. I include both high-resolution images for printing, and online-ready images for you to email and share easily on social media.

Once you’ve got your stick, if you’d like prints that can be arranged through a printing company of your choice; I may be able to advise you on options if this is of interest.

You’ll also get a link to your own online gallery, which you can send to your friends so they can buy the images they would like to keep (saving you time and money).

How many photos will you take?

It depends on the event and how many people attend. At a three-day festival, I’d expect to take hundreds of pictures. At a small wedding, it may be fewer. I’ll take the number of pictures that I need to capture your event, from the smallest moments to the showstoppers.

I’m ready to book. What’s next?

Call, email or fill out my enquiry form or make contact via social media. Everything you need is on my Contact page!

If I’m free on your dates, we’ll work together to make plans and agree a price for your job. If you’d like to meet me in person or over Skype, this is the time to do it.

When you’re ready to go ahead, you’ll need to sign a contract detailing our agreed terms, hours and rate.

You’ll also need to pay me a 30% deposit. This secures your booking and is non-returnable, as I’ll start working to prepare for your event well before the date.

Deposits are non-returnable. But if you cancel more than 6 weeks before your event, then I can return 50% of your deposit.

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