Nearest & Dearest: Relaxed Family & Friends Portraits

Good times with family and friends. Good memories. But how often do you take the time to make sure those memories aren’t lost?

I’ll make sure they’re not. I’ll bring my experience to find the moments that matter. I won’t arrange you and your loved ones in a pose. Instead I’ll look to find the essence of you all, as individuals and together. I’ll capture your relationships and feelings, not just your faces.

I love taking pictures of my own family and friends. Taking pictures of yours just feels natural.

Get in touch to chat about what I have to offer.

Where will you take the pictures?

Anywhere you like and feel comfortable. At your home, in the park, on the beach…

If you’d prefer studio shots, I’ll take them at We Love Create studios in Brighton, or another studio near to you.

What’s included?

Prices start at £250. You’ll get:

  • Two hours of photography, and art direct (if required) for up to five people, in the location of your choice.
    Studio shoots cost from £80 extra, to cover the hire costs.
  • All your images processed, and ready for either printing or publishing online, on a memory stick.
  • A password protected, private online gallery, which family and friends can use to look and buy.
  • One picture of your choice printed to wood by Antoinette Hoogstrate (A5 size: 21x15x3cm). Antoinette is an amazing artist. Once I discovered her work, I knew she’d make the perfect partner: check out her website. Extra wood prints can be arranged.

I’ll always make sure you have lots of photos to choose from at the end of a session. But every shoot is different, so I won’t promise you a particular number of shots. I’ll take what feels natural, and what works on the day.

If you’d like a longer shoot than two hours, I’ll ask you for an extra £50 per half hour.
If you have more than five people in your group, contact me for a quote.

Book today: I’d love to work with you. And as always, if you love my work but have particular requirements or are short on cash, do Get in touch! I’ll always try to offer you something for your budget.